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Sabah Flying Club visits Kota Kinabalu Aerospace Training Centre hosted a remarkable event, the Aero Carnival 2023 at KKIP, which attracted an impressive turnout of nearly 800 participants.

Many of these attendees were students from colleges and secondary schools, eager to delve into the aviation world.

The Autogyro Cavalon 915 iS

A modern, high-performance autogyro also known as a gyrocopter.

Display for Aircraft Maintenance

For students studying aircraft maintenance & learn all about the ins & outs of these amazing machines!

KATC Booth

Visitors can get a sneak peek into the world of aviation and the training center’s operations.

Displays & Models

All aimed at explaining the various aspect of aviation and aircraft maintenance. It’s an excellent opportunity for the public to understand the critical work that goes on behind the scene in aviation training.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the Kota Kinabalu Aeroscape Training Centre KATC plays a pivotal role in aviation education, not only by organizing such engaging events but also by providing essential licenses for aircraft maintenance

This ensures that individuals interested in this field have the necessary training and certification to pursue a career in maintaining and servicing aircraft, contributing to the safety and reliability of aviation operations.

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